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Artificial grass now just like the real stuff

May 8th, 2011 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Real grass is best but there are always places where it’s not practical, grass pitches costs money to maintain, in very hot regions the continuous watering required can be too expensive, on the other hand in very wet regions the grass surface can soon become unplayable with mud and ruts.

Although Synthetic Turf or astroturf was invented nearly 50 years ago it was immediately controversial because it altered the ball games that were played especially for soccer where the ball runs along the surface. There were also complaints that players “burned” their skin when the fell onto the artificial turf.

In the UK only one major soccer club QPR adopted astroturf and it became notorious that they were hard to beat on this pitch as they were the only team used to it fans also didn’t like it as it made the game duller. Eventually the football authorities banned it.

However things have moved on they can now make artificial turf that looks like grass, feels like grass and plays like grass. Every feature of the real grass and feel of a pitch is re-created except that it doesn’t need watering and is much more wear and rut resistant. The days of freak passes and goals caused by divots on the pitch are over. I wonder if they’ll do my garden as well?