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Smoking and Libertarianism

April 3rd, 2009 · 1 Comment · health

Giving up smoking is at best difficult and for some nearly impossible. Some cannot give it up even when they are actually dying from lung cancer and can barely breath.

You wouldn’t think then there are actually people whose career it is both to encourage people to smoke and to discourage them from stopping.

So who are these people are they hunted down by the FBI do they have to change address every few weeks? no these people are very highly paid and respected and sit down at fund raisers with presidents; you don’t believe me huh.

Now I guess I don’t mind that they spend millions or is billions on advertising portraying smoking as sophisticated or in sponsoring sport which at least “out in the open”. But what I think is really underhand is to know that they are the brains and money behind the libertarian argument. You know somebody has finally decided to give up and then they read in a newspaper or hear on a talk show that it’s a scandal that there’s all these do-gooders telling people what they can or can’t do why it’s your right to smoke whenever you want wherever you want; why the non-smokers can go some place else.

I bet the cigarette companies are kicking themselves that didn’t think of this earlier, I mean all those years of setting up phony research institutes which produced those reports which cast doubts on the connection between smoking and lung cancer, when “sponsoring” pro-smoking articles in the media is so much cheaper.

Now I have no proof of this, just hearsay and it’s up to you whether you believe anything I write, but next time somebody trots out the “it’s my right to smoke” and “second-hand smoke causes no cancer” arguments notice just how similar are their arguments and if they are one of those bold talk-show hosts who is not scared to tell it how it is, just wonder if he has recently been on an all expenses trip to say Hawaii with his family to attend a conference where it was explained to him how exaggerated all this fuss about cigarettes was. Heck when I think about it , it wouldn’t take much to bribe me!

(By the way they always have an Uncle Walt who lived to a hundred and smoke like a chimney -: that’s the clincher!)

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