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The Brilliant Propaganda for Cigarette Smoking

June 13th, 2009 · No Comments · health

The war against cigarette smoking is apparently won; smokers may as is their right still smoke but are no longer permitted to poison others in the workplace or public places. It has taken at least 50 years for us to reach this happy state.

Read www.tobacco.org/resources/history/ for a history of the war for and against tobacco smoking.

Apparently there was initially a general panic when the first Government Reports linked cigarettes to lung cancer. However the Tobacco Industry Research Committee (TIRC) soon calmed this with a series of adverts and “bought” articles in the press
to quote the above

TIRC releases “A SCIENTIFIC PERSPECTIVE ON THE CIGARETTE CONTROVERSY,” a booklet quoting 36 scientists questioning smoking’s link to health problems.
(The booklet) was sent to 176,800 doctors, general practitioners and specialists . . . (plus) deans of medical and dental colleges . . . a press distribution of 15,000 . . . 114 key publishers and media heads . . . . days in advance, key press, network, wire services and columnist contacts were alerted by phone and in person . . . and . . . hand-delivered (with) special placement to media in Los Angeles, Chicago, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C. The story was carried by hundreds of papers and radio stations throughout the country . . . . staff-written stories (were) developed with the help of Hill & Knowlton, Inc. field offices. (Hill & Knowlton memo, May 3, 1954.)

These campaigns were brilliantly effective in causing doubt and confusion and even more importantly weariness in the general public to any kind of health warnings at all.

So smokers continued to die young, non-smokers working in airless offices with with smokers also died (to quote a relation: “You could hardly see the far wall of the office for smoke haze”)

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