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Herbalife Weight Management

Every now and again you get a wake up call, in my case it was meeting an old friend who couldn’t hide the fact that he thought I’d put on weight and kept asking if I never exercised. Well I wasn’t too pleased because I cycle, swim and walk a lot, all the same I knew that I’d been gaining weight that all my t-shirts couldn’t suddenly decide to shrink at the same time, worse I’d been avoiding full length mirrors for a long time.

A friend recommended Herbalife so I have been trying their products. They have been in business since 1980 and have revenues of nearly three billion dollars. They are quoted on the NYSE (HLF). They have 4000 employees but rely on 40,00 independent distributors to sell their products. They sponsor many sports teams including FC Barcelona. Herbalife is obviously a serious solid business.

Herbalife Formula 1 is a Nutritional Shake Mix, the Shake is a be low calorie meal replacement and is designed to contain up to 19 important vitamins, minerals and nutrients as well The forumla 1 shake diet works because dieters do not suffer hunger pangs, if you get too hungry just drink a half-shake. You should replace 2 meals with the shakes and then eat one full normal meal. Many people find it convenient to replace breakfast with a Herbalife Formula 1 as they are in a hurry to get off to work. The shakes are easy to prepare, you just require a shaker. There are six flavors, smooth fruity options, plain vanilla, sweet chocolate or crunchy cookies & cream

The Herbalife Formula 1 diet is popular because dieters don’t get miserable or depressed and of course because they see results.

The formula 1 herbalife Range also includes Express Bars which are packed with vitamins and minerals there are two flavors ‘Chocolate’ and Red Fruit. These bars are more convenient for people on the move and may help them avoid unhealthy snacks and candies.

Herbalife is a sensible weight management or control enabling people to gradually bring their weight down to recommended levels and at the same time increasing their energy levels which is of course a virtual circle.

Using Formula 1 Shakes and Express Bars makes weight management more fun and less arduous than traditional calorie controlled diets. Find the flavors you prefer you can buy products from distributors or even off eBay.

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