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Smoking At the Movies

April 26th, 2010 · health, smoking

I first became aware of product-placement in films after watching the otherwise wonderful “Cast Away” where the FedEx logo was embarrassingly prominent.

Anyway I’ve recently seen three films which included smoking scenes. The first was the excellent “An Education” which was set in the early sixties when smoking was the norm and I had no problem with that. The next was in Avatar when Sigourney Weaver supposedly the Head of Research smokes inside the laboratories where the “cloning” was taking place, sorry that didn’t seem logical or relevant just bizarre. Then in the entertaining but mindless action flick “Babylon A.D” which moves at a 100 mph there is a weird pointless scene where he stops to have a smoke.

Anyway after that I googled up smoking in films and found which reveals that 80% of PG 13 children’s films still have smoking scenes. So is there a secret organisation which funds the placement of generic smoking scenes in films? Go to and learn how many young people will start smoking TODAY because they have seen their hero or heroine light up in a movie and how many of them will die prematurely of smoking related diseases.

Do you find it hard to believe? Please decide for yourself check out the next few films you see!

So is any of this relevant to an Aloe Vera Blog?, I say yes, anything that affects the health of my friends or children is my issue!

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Cholesterol dieting

April 6th, 2010 · diet, health

Before you can understand cholesterol, dieting you must understand what cholesterol is and how to control the amount of cholesterol you consume. Cholesterol is a substance that is created by the liver and does serve a vital function throughout our bodies, however, in some cases; our bodies make more cholesterol than we need. When the body makes too much cholesterol, this cholesterol circulates in the bloodstream. When there are high levels of cholesterol in the bloodstream it can begin to build up and clog blood vessels which increases the risk of stroke and heart attack.

Things we eat can cause our bodies to make too much cholesterol. The one thing to remember is that cholesterol is an important part of our diet; however, there is good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. Bad cholesterol making foods include foods with saturated fats such as animal based foods like meat and dairy products. Foods that are high in saturated fats included meats and eggs. Foods that do not contain cholesterol include fruits, grains, and vegetables.

Cholesterol dieting is a good idea for those that have high cholesterol or are eating foods high in cholesterol. Instead of taking medication to lower cholesterol levels the majority of individuals as soon as they discover they have high bad cholesterol levels turn to cholesterol dieting. The idea of cholesterol dieting is to lower the low-density lipoprotein (bad cholesterol) and raise the high-density lipoprotein (good cholesterol). You can lower the bad cholesterol by adding more fruits, grains, and vegetables to your diet. Once you begin to raise the high-density lipoprotein, the bad cholesterol will lower. Most cholesterol dieting plans add omega-3 to the diet.

The best cholesterol-dieting plan is one that reduces the amount of foods you eat with animal fat and replace them with fruits and vegetables. This does not mean you have to cut out all meats and other products you enjoy that have saturated fat, this just means you need to lower the amount you consume.

Along with the foods, you eat with your cholesterol dieting plan you must also exercise. Exercise does lower the bad cholesterol in your body by raising the good cholesterol levels. Many individuals that have high cholesterol levels are also overweight or even obese. Exercise helps with lowering cholesterol as well as helps to take weight off which will also decrease the risk of heart attack.

The ideal cholesterol level is below 180. Acceptable levels of cholesterol are 180 to 199. You will be considered borderline high if your cholesterol levels are 200 to 219. Any levels over 220 are too high.

The Author is editor and webmaster of a weight loss pill website. There are also many tips on weight loss on his website. He has also written many articles on the Internet about diet, weight loss and related health topics.

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Finally a Diet Supplement that actually works?

April 4th, 2010 · diet

Zotrim has been getting a lot of attention since being featured in the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper. The supplement has also been shown to help those with a sweet tooth – reducing the temptation to indulge in sugary snacks. Zotrim, which is based on three South American plants and is freely available from supermarkets and chemists, was tested by scientists at the University of Liverpool. Zotrim is designed to make the user feel fuller for longer. Testers taking the herbal pill finished eating around three minutes earlier than those who had taken a placebo, indicating they did feel full sooner, learn more by clicking here .

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Nearly Time to Put my Aloe Vera Plants Outside

March 24th, 2010 · aloe vera

After the bitterest winter for years, spring seems to have arrived so it’s time to put my Aloe Vera plants outside. Got to be careful though as even one sharp frost would finish them off. Aloe Vera seems to thrive outdoors while indoors with their spreading spiky leaves always ready to catch a passer-by they take a lot of space.

In fact this winter it hardly ever got warm enough to get them outside even for a few hours so I could give them a watering. In winter I like to water infrequently maybe two or three times but on these occasions really give them a soaking.

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Himalayan Crystal Salt Inhaler Appears On DR OZ’s TV Show

February 16th, 2010 · health care

Salt Inhalers have a chance to become even more popular now that they have been featured on Dr Oz’s TV Show. Dr Oz is called America’s Doctor. He had a member of the audience try out an Original Himalayan Salt Pipe Inhaler she was obviously so delighted that there has been a huge increase in interest in Salt Inhalers the completely natural way to relieve breathing difficulties

The Salt-Air Respiratory Inhaler is a convenient, drug-free and non-invasive device for enjoying the benefits of salt-air therapy. The use of salt for therapeutic treatment of asthma and other respiratory ailments, is nothing new. Halotherapy (Halo=Salt in Greek), and Speleo-therapy (Speleos=Cave), are well known in Europe. Both treatments fall under the category of physical therapy, or drug-free treatment of disease.Salt inhalation was recommended by Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, who applied the age-old method of inhaling the steam from boiling saltwater.

Learn more by clicking below

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Worship Fruit and Vegetables

November 24th, 2009 · Uncategorized

It can be tough to eat 5 daily portions of Fruit and Vegetables even when you love them. It’s even tougher to persuade your kids the trick is buy more varieties, I mean once upon a time we just had cabbage, carrots and peas now the stores and markets have dozens of sorts domestic and exotic.

If you are the homemaker use your imagination to present fruit and vegetables in an attractive manner. I cut fruit and raw vegetables and arrange them on a platter, trust me your family will nibble. And if they nibble a carrot instead of a chocolate bar you have won.

A cut fruit and vegetable platter with delicious pumpkin seeds

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Forever Living Aloe Vera Products

November 18th, 2009 · aloe vera

Forever Living Products are the World’s leading grower and processor of Aloe Vera. I am often asked whether it is a good idea to join them but unfortunately cannot advise as I have no personal experience of them.You can however purchase their products online as a retail customer and may be that would be a safe way to see if you could become really committed to their products because you really liked them yourself. Later on you might consider it as a business but what ever you do don’t rush into it, take a few weeks researching it to make absolutely sure. Also it is absolutely vital that your partner is also committed.

I did however have a disastrous experience of joining another well known MLM where I fortunately quickly realised that it wasn’t for me because I’m simply not that sort of bubbly person who is good at selling and loves working with people.

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Smudging Negativity Away with Smudge Sticks

November 4th, 2009 · Uncategorized

A smudge stick is a bundle of dried herbs, most commonly white sage. Often other herbs or plants are used or added and the leaves are usually bound with string in a small bundle and dried. Some other herbs and spices that are often used include cilantro, cedar, lavender, and mugwort, none of which are native to the Americas. They have a strong, pleasant aroma when burnt. Smudging is used in ceremonies by Native Americans including the Cree.

Smudging traps negativity in the smoke and carries it out to escape through the doors or windows. Use Smudging as a spiritual house cleaning especially when there are feelings of anger, resentment or other negative feelings in the house.

You can buy commercial smudges but you can make your own. The most common herb found in them is sage and this herb is good for healing and uplifting of the spirit. Sweetgrass is similar but maybe more gentle. Releasing anxiety and sorrow is what sweetgrass is used for.

Lavender is great for relaxation of the mind. Rose is another ingredient that makes the house smell beautiful and is used for love. You can add the lavender or rose to smudge sticks you buy as well if you wish to personalize your blend.

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Having Your Pumpkin and Eating It!

October 31st, 2009 · health, healthy food

It’s a real shame to waste a Pumpkin on Halloween because they are full of goodness. This year we’ve at least saved the seeds and have roasted and eaten them (see the recipe below). I’m also boiling up the pumpkin guts and goo and some of the pumpkin flesh which was cut out with a simple recipe adding eggs, ginger powder, cinnamon, eggs, cloves, salt and brown sugar, so nothing is wasted. The actual Pumpkin will stay outside and end up on the compost heap, but here’s a great tip, on Monday the stores will likely be selling of their Pumpkins cheaply so buy up a few and start baking Pumpkins!

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Recipe
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Separate the seeds from the guts. Using your hands, pick out the seeds and lay them on a buttered or greased baking sheet. Do not rinse them! This removes a lot of the flavor. Bake for 10 minutes. Salt before eating.

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Free Aloe Vera eBook

October 30th, 2009 · Uncategorized

Aloe – Your Miracle Doctor. Fight 80 Disorders From Your Own Kitchen! A Step-by-step Manual For 150 Home And Beauty Remedies Using The Aloe Plant. Learn About The Biogenic Stimulation Method When Making Aloe Juice.

Get your Free Aloe Vera eBook here

You probably know aloe has been used for centuries to treat burns and scrapes. It’s probably safe to say, you’ve even used it for at least one of those two (that includes sunburns!). Are you aware that aloe is referred to by many researchers as “Nature’s Miracle” because of the dozens upon dozens of other ailments it can treat? Chances are you didn’t.

That is because the huge drug companies don’t want you to know about that.

They have kept it under wraps because they make money through research of disease treating drugs. It takes years and millions of dollars to find a drug, test it, and finally market it. That then funds their next project. It’s a horrible cycle that never ends.

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